Month: August 2015

Exercises Which Will Help You Become A Grammar Pro


I got into a heated discussion today with a Twitter friend about descriptive nouns, an issue that comes up for me regularly. I really need to do some serious research on that the next time the question comes up as I still need a  definitive answer on how they work. (If anyone has a good resource for that, please link me!)

This might surprise you. After all since I am the editor shouldn’t I know all the answers? Shouldn’t I be the omnipotent, all-knowing Grammar Guru?

Well, no.

In fact I doubt that most editors and proof readers know all the grammar rules that exist by heart. What might distinguish us from other folks is that we often know where to look for solutions. Everyone struggles with certain rules. I’s inevitable The English language can be a confusing place.

Long ago, when I used to tutor students in their writing, the Guide to Grammar and Writing website was my go-to place when I was struggling with a grammar rule. The site does a great job of explaining concepts clearly with examples, and then there are lots of writing exercises which help you use what you learn. No pressure writing exercises. No need to worry about what grade you’re going to get. It proved invaluable for students who needed help, and I have no doubt it will help you too.

Check it out and bookmark it among your editing links if you want to improve your grammar and punctuation knowledge. You’ll find yourself returning to the site again and again.

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Tips for editing your own work

Clearly if you’re on this site, you may be on the look out for some assistance in editing the content of your article or book or brochure, and of course you would have come to the right place. If you want to chat with me about how I can help, be sure to contact me, but every writer should do a little editing of their own from time to time.


Every body makes mistakes. Perhaps you are dashing off a quick memo or you’re writing an e-mail or you’re getting ready to send your work to an editor like me, it’s in your own best interest to do some editing and this great article gives you some excellent information on how you can do it.

Tricks & Tips for Catching All Those Little Typos in Your Own Work

What kinds of mistakes keep cropping up in your writing? Let me know in the comments.

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