What I Published Last Month

laptop womanI am back everyone. It’s been much too long I agree. I’m hoping to once more post fairly regularly about my writing, writing tips and advice and more.

Some weeks ago, I contributed two articles for UWI Today, a magazine published by the University of the West Indies (UWI). The magazine highlights people, events and other subjects of interest to UWI’s stakeholders.

For the first article I interviewed a young calypsonian and UWI law student called Sasha-Ann Moses. She’s been performing professionally, and she’s really interested in taking her music to the world. Have a look at Queen Sasha and the Law.

The other article comes from my talk with another UWI student who created an organization called WHYFARM. Alpha Sennon came up with this idea to help young people to realize the potential of careers in local agriculture. It’s a fascinating idea. Learn more about this Superhero of the Soil here.

Comment and let me know what you think! Also are you looking for someone to write articles for your blog, magazine or newsletter? Contact me and let’s create something that suits your needs.


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