My latest article for UWI Today

My article “Why Study History?” for UWI Today is now online.

Here’s an excerpt. Read more at the link.UWI today

“As 1917 dawned, it heralded a period of great change in world events. It was the beginning of the end of World War I, one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history – a war where even West Indians served, though they were rarely honoured for their contributions.

It was the end of Indian indentureship in Trinidad. After over 70 years and thousands of East Indian migrants coming to local shores, calls to end their sub-human living conditions were finally heeded. It was also a year of turmoil for the Shouter Baptist community as intolerant members of society tried to squash their form of worship. These diverse historical milestones have a common significance.”

This article involved interviewing several members of the UWI history department’s faculty and trying to bring the stories they told to life. This was such an interesting assignment.


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