Month: December 2017

Can Your Instagram Hurt Your Career?

“….recently one of my co-workers made a passing comment about some pictures I
had up on my FB profile. I could be going crazy, but since then I feel as if some of my co-workers are treating me differently. This is my personal profile! It has nothing to do with work.

I do not think that they have any right to tell me what I should or should not post on my profile. I’m upset that they had the nerve to. What should I do?
~ Pissed Off “

How would you answer this question? Recently I was given the opportunity to give advice on this situation.

Every Thursday for some months now, the Association of Female Executives of Trinidad and Tobago (AFETT) has had a column in the business section of the Trinidad Newsday. In the column AFETT members have been taking turns giving career advice on topics of interests to professionals.

I am honoured to be the most recent contributor to the column. Have a look at the business section in the Newsday last Thursday December 7th, and you can see my response.

You can also read it heremobile-phone-1917737_960_720

What do you think of this topic? What advice would you give? Do you think of your job before you post on social media?